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About me
and my approach to the profession
Hi, my name is Igor Aryev, CO ALIGHT, and I am an engineer.
Engineering for me is the identifying a problem and working towards a solution. Engineering is the tools that I learn in my life school, and use my cleverness to be able to solve problems. That the science of creating, the science of taking challenges and creating things for the future.
I'll take your idea and I'll turn it into a reality.
That's what I do every single day.
Alight is an engineering company specializing in advanced mechanical design.
Some of my projects
Not all projects I can demonstrate, as this is due to the privacy policy of the objects that I designed.
Feel free to contact me for more information and advice on your project.
My Advantages
I work hard every day to make life of my clients better and happier
  • High Quality
    Design and development of electronic and mechanical assemblies, products files, industrial design, plastic product development.
  • Unique Experience
    Mechanical engineer with over 20 year experience in integrated systems, mechanics and electronics.
  • Individual Approach
    Management and initiating engineering projects, planning and moving from development to production, management, contractors, systems integration and products.
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+972 545 313 082
Ha Dkalim str. 7/8, Qiryat Ata